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1. What do I need to prepare before the class?

A computer or tablet with camera which has stable network connection during the class.

2. How can I schedule a class?

Once you subscribe, class will be scheduled per week in fixed time slot base on your available time slot.  There is no worry to arrange the lesson each lesson every time.

3. Can I reschedule a class or what if I miss a class?

Student can have the right to reschedule (1) one class in a month. It is required to contact us with 24 hours advance to the class. The lesson will be required to reschedule in the next 30 days. Lesson will not be refunded if it is within 24 hours to the class start time or the student is absent without notice.

4. What kind of payment method can I use?

Currently, Kelly’s supports several different payment methods, depending on your account country and location.
Method 1: Use debit or credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/American Express) payment worldwide
Method 2: In Hong Kong, transfer by Hong Kong bank account:
1. HSBC Bank Account No(Bank Code:004): 484-283148-838
2. BEA Bank Account No (Bank Code:015): 523-68012-747
Fast Payment System ID(FPS ID): 4957841
Please remember to keep the pay slip for validation.

5. What’s the fee of the course?

We offer different level of courses in English and Mandarin. Also, can choose both courses in a combo package which student can study both together.

6. Where can I get technical support and customer service?

You can contact us at info@kellys-edu.com or whatsapp us in +852 9888 3860. We will normally reply within 24 hours

7. What I should download before the class?

For the first time, you have to download the software in https://www.eeo.cn/en/download.html. Please
following the instructions to install. For iPad user, please search “ClassIn” and download in Apple store.

8. What I should do if the cam/speaker is not working ?

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