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We want your children to

Love Chinese

A great variety of games and contents designed to let your children's eLearning experience to be an interesting one. Your children will enjoy the unique learning journey.

Speak in Mandarin

Our classes follow YCT (Youth Chinese Test) standard. We guide your children by the proven learning standard. Learning Chinese becomes easier for your children.

Be a native speaker

Adopting the Total Physical Response (TPR) teaching method, our teachers are communicating in their native language to your children. Your children can learn to articulate their thoughts like a native speaker.


Course Design: 1+1+S

The 1st “1” refers to the fundamental knowledge on Chinese, which your children will be exposed to, such as phonetic symbols, tones, characters, etc.

The 2nd “1” refers to regular practice. Our interactive approach will encourage your children to have conversation based on life scenes. Children will continue to practice in their daily lives.

“S” refers to the development of different communication “SKILLS”, such as listening, speaking, writing etc. In this part, children will progress and able to express themselves.

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