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Our History

Kelly’s Education was established in 2018. Our founders and directors are from world-renown institutes such as Harvard University, MIT, Kellogg-HKUST, Hong Kong University, etc.
Since our beginning, we have focused on bringing the world's best teachers, courses, curriculum, and other resources to children across the globe through our online language courses. We have introduced a Native Immersion System to provide a solid foundation for learning foreign languages. We also educate through interactive, dynamic, fun, and colourful content that provokes thought and inspires our students.
Additionally, we are providing a trusted education platform for parents to become involved with their child's education. With a focus on transparency, we provide parents with videos of their child attending classes. Parents are then able to contact us through one of the feedback channels so that we effectively make the desired progress.
In the future, we will be launching artificial intelligence and big data analysis, so that children can learn and enhance their language skills through even more precise technology.

Our Purpose

To provide borderless online access to an ‘inspirational, fun and thought-provoking’ education, so that our next generation are empowered to pursue their dreams.

Our Philosophy

At Kelly’s Education, we aim to provide language education that will benefit our students for a lifetime. We believe that the world will require more and more multi-lingually talented individuals to bridge gaps and facilitate cooperation between East and West; it is necessary for these individuals to not only understand a language but understand the culture behind the language as well. With this in mind, combined with our well-designed curriculum, advanced technology, and dedicated teachers - we educate for the future!

Our Methodology

Our curriculum is based on three integral principles that we call Kelly's Trilogy. Each lesson, unit, and level have been designed to be 啟 (inspirational), 樂 (fun) and 思 (thought provoking). How does it work? First, we get our students excited about a new topic, sparking their curiosity and interest, inspiring them to learn more. We then disguise the learning process through interactive and engaging teaching practices. Finally, students have the chance to apply the knowledge they have learnt and develop higher-level thinking skills.

More Than Just Language Learning

Our students are provided with much more than just language skills. At the core of our curriculum, we also focus on enhancing 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. To facilitate the development of these essential skills, our content exposes our students to cognitive thinking, cross-disciplinary knowledge (CLIL), and social-emotional development. We make certain that our students acquire skills that can be applied outside of the classroom and benefit their daily lives.

A Holistic Learning Experience

To deliver a holistic learning experience at Kelly’s Education, students are provided with pre-class and post-class activities. These are supplemented with various free online resources including nursery rhymes, storybooks, flashcards, games, etc. We ensure that the Kellian learning process extends beyond the online classroom.

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