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Who we are

As a leader in education, we at Kelly's education aim to provide state-of-the-art learning in English and Mandarin communication skills. Our learning platform is globally available linking language learners to language educators from all over the world.
KE provides English and Mandarin courses to learners aged 3 - 15 years old through our online platform. Our language courses have been created and accredited by professional (from elite universities) in the USA and the UK. All courses are aligned to the common core standards in the USA and keystages in the UK.
We welcome students from any country and will match students to the perfect teacher creating the perfect relationship and environment for study. It doesn't matter about the student's level. We have the right classes for any student aged 3 - 15.

Our Vision

With the belief in borderless education, we open a pathway of flexible, adaptable, and accessible learning for students globally, to achieve their aspirations.

Our Mission

At Kelly’s Education, we strive to maximise the potential of every individual. We use our expertise in education and technology to provide a platform and bridge our students to achieve borderless learning.

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